‘Stink-A-Link’ gets four charges when caught at Days Inn

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22-year-old Marvin Massey was charged with aggravated robbery, evading arrest, theft of property, and unlawful possession of a weapon when he robbed a woman and was spotted a month later by police.

On July 23rd, Candice Gilchrist was walking down Charles E. Davis Blvd. when she was stopped by three men. All three had guns, including two pistols and a rifle. Gilchrist identified one of the men as “Stink-A-Link.”

Marvin Massey (MNPD)
Marvin Massey (MNPD)

Eleven days later, an officer saw Massey walking near Room 133 at the Days Inn. He was recognized, and at the time had two felony warrants for his arrest. When they called to stop Massey, he bolted. As he was running, he threw a gun in his waistband over a fence. Officers caught up to Massey and he was taken into custody. Massey told police that he bought the pistol from a junkie in the University Court projects for $60.

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Marvin Massey was arrested and charged with evading arrest, unlawful possession of a firearm, theft of property, and aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $75,000.

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