Tiger Mart employee gets maced in the face over stolen juice

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26-year-old Amanda Johnson was charged with assault after macing the face of a Tiger Market employee when he tried to retrieve stolen juice from her friend.

On August 14th, officers responded to the Tiger Market at 3200 Clarksville Pike for a shoplifting call. Calvin Armstrong, an employee at the store, told officers he had seen Sandreka Claybrooks walk through the drink aisle, take a juice, and leave without paying. Armstrong followed the woman in an attempt to retrieve either the stolen item or payment. When he attempted to approach the white Scion she had gotten into, Claybrooks tried to punch him.

Amanda Johnson (MNPD)
Amanda Johnson (MNPD)

He then noticed the woman in the passenger seat, Amanda Johnson, pull out a can of mace and aim it at him. Armstrong tried to move away from the direction of the spray but was not quick enough. There were obvious signs of mace on the ground and his clothing. Medics were dispatched to the scene, but Armstrong was not in a condition to warrant transport. Officers found the women at 2610 Clarksville Pike. They brought them back to Armstrong where he made a positive identification.

Amanda Johnson was arrested and charged with assault. Her bond was set at $3,500.

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  1. Laura

    What about the girl who stole the juice. She was the cause of it all.

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