Unmasked man booked after telling police that “he was not going to get a citation”

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27-year-old Deshawn Williams was charged with a board of health regulation violation for not wearing a mask on Broadway and when approached by an officer, he said “he was not going to get a citation” and attempted to walk away.

On August 8th, a mask enforcement officer was downtown on Broadway between 3rd and 4th Avenue when he noticed the defendant, Deshawn Williams, without a mask. When he approached Williams and asked him if he had a mask, he told the officer that he did not.

Deshawn Williams (MNPD)
Deshawn Williams (MNPD)

He produced his license when asked for identification and asked the officer what he was doing when the officer began writing a citation. The officer told him that it was much like a traffic ticket and his other option was to be placed into custody. When Williams heard that he began walking away, so the officer placed him in handcuffs. As he had one hand still free before the officer put him fully into the cuffs, Williams grabbed a mask from his back pocket and put it on his right ear. The officer finished placing the cuffs on him and transported him to booking.

Deshawn Williams was arrested and charged with a board of health regulation violation. He was later released on his own recognizance.

Williams, Deshawn473083722 CURREY RD
Nashville, TN 37217
Bd. Of Health Reg. Viol.

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2 Thoughts to “Unmasked man booked after telling police that “he was not going to get a citation””

  1. DDDDDuane

    He be showin pOlise who BOSS!!!!!

  2. Ned T.

    There are no legitimate studies that show face diapers do anything to prevent the spread of the Chinese Flu. None.

    Yet, our great mayor has destroyed local business and hiked property taxes 34% so that all Metro workers receive their full paycheck.

    John Cooper is the worst mayor in the history of Nashville. And, he and his health friends are enjoying the tyranny they impose to try to influence the November election. Disgusting.

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