Woman booked on multiple charges after MDHA brawl

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18-year-old Keymanda Woods was charged with two counts of assault, burglary of a motor vehicle, and vandalism when she and four others, including a juvenile, attacked several people in separate incidents.

On June 17th, Keymanda Woods, Emanda Woods, and Shatika Woods got into a verbal altercation with another group of individuals. Once the altercation ended and the groups dispersed, Keymanda was caught on Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency cameras kicking the driver’s side of Quantina Woods’ car. This resulted in several dents and over $1,000 in damages. Keymanda Woods, Emanda Woods, and Shatika Woods ganged and beat Tiffany Givens’ face and body. She was treated for her injuries by paramedics on the scene.

Keymanda Woods (MNPD)
Keymanda Woods (MNPD)

Miquita Woods was also attacked by the group. She was sprayed with a chemical in the face and hit several times by the three women. Raquela Sparks arrived at 528 Claiborne Street to check on the welfare of her cousin who had been assaulted earlier in the day. Raquela noticed the group of individuals who were causing problems with some of her family members and identified them as Keymanda Woods, Emanda Woods, Shatika Woods, and Kevin Woods.

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Raquela stated that she decided it would be best for her to leave when the group got hostile toward her family. After she got into her car and shut the door it was yanked back open by Kevin Woods. As the door was opened, Keymanda entered the vehicle and began assaulting Raquela. This continued for several minutes while Kevin prevented Raquel from getting away.

On August 26th, Keymanda Woods was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, burglary of a motor vehicle, and vandalism. Her bond was set at $15,000.

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