Woman threatens to kill her husband’s ex-wife in White Castle drive-thru

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44-year-old Mandy Spears was charged with harassment when she threatened her current husband’s ex-wife with “I am going to beat your a$$” and “I am going to kill you b**ch!” while in a White Castle drive-thru.

On April 6th, on the premises of White Castle at 2901 Nolensville Pike, Mandy Spears approached Angela Spears’ vehicle in the White Castle drive-thru. Mandy put her hand through the passenger side window and unlocked the door while yelling “Get out of the car bitch. I am going to beat your ass.” and “Get out! I am going to kill you bitch!”

Mandy Spears (MNPD)
Mandy Spears (MNPD)

Angela was able to drive forward and roll up the window. Mandy began to circle the parking lot in her truck continuously passing Angela while screaming that she was going to kill her. Angela is Mandy’s current husband’s ex-wife. According to Angela, this is not the first time Mandy has harassed her. Angela stated this has been occurring for several years.

On August 17th, Mandy Spears was arrested and charged with harassment. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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