Woman whacks Dollar General employee with big ice scraper

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26-year-old Lamonteisha Johnson was charged with assault when she started beating a Dollar General employee with a four-foot ice scraper.

On April 11th, Lamonteisha Johnson and an unidentified person walked in Dollar General at 6009 Charlotte Pike and were noticed by Bobbi Ivory, who says she is a “known shoplifter” at that location. Ivory was spotted by Johnson and she began “having words” with Ivory. Ivory, in an attempt to ignore her, continued to check out other guests from the store.

Lamonteisha Johnson (MNPD)
Lamonteisha Johnson (MNPD)

Johnson decided to walk over to the counter, pick up a four-foot ice scraper, and began beating Ivory. Ivory’s hand was placed into a cast after the incident and she was removed from the work schedule because of the injury. Ivory not only knew her attacker’s name but was also able to pick her from a photo lineup for the police.

On August 13th, Lamonteisha Johnson was arrested and charged with assault. Her bond was set at $5,000.

Johnson, Lamonteisha4647362405 26TH AVE N
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  1. Duane

    If Lamonteisha want to git da FIVE FINGA DISCOUNT ain’t nobady stoppin dat sh!t…
    FUK YUO!!!!!!

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