Woman caught peeing in doorway found guilty of public intoxication

feat Fildes, Kathleen

47-year-old Kathleen Fildes was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure after officers observed her urinating in public.

Man charged with theft after being found in stolen Ford truck on Gallatin Pike

Feat Bowman Randell

38-year-old Randell Bowman was charged with theft of a vehicle after officers saw him driving a white Ford F-150 on Gallatin Pike that was reported stolen.

Man charged after lover accuses him of beating her, stealing her phone and being schizophrenic

28-year-old Gregory Wilson was charged with vandalism, domestic assault, and theft of property after his girlfriend told officers he was a paranoid schizophrenic and had beat her before breaking her television and stealing her phone.

Fugitive Nashville man accused of murder, robbery & shooting into crowd; finally jailed

22-year-old Wesley Croichy was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism when he and a Thomas Mitchell began firing upon a crowd after two women were fighting.

Big sister jailed after punching child, tells police she can’t control her feelings after watching Halloween

feat Moore, Haley

20-year-old Haley Moore was charged with domestic assault after admitting to police that she punched her sister in the shoulder because she was angry after watching Halloween and feels her medication is no longer effective.

Restaurant Depot robbed; thieves on the lam

Central Precinct detectives are working to identify two gunmen who Wednesday night robbed the Restaurant Depot, 111 Oldham Street.

Man slaps woman in her car then shows up at her doorstep and strangles her; per report

29-year-old Charles Holt was charged with aggravated assault and domestic assault after fighting with a woman while her baby was in the car, and then going to her house and strangling her.

Estranged husband charged after woman says he trapped her and begged her to kill him

31-year-old Andrew Engel was charged with false imprisonment and domestic assault after his wife told officers he trapped her in their home and pleaded for her to kill him. He said he hugged her and she fired a shot into the floor.