Man determined to confront homeowners about alleged ‘rape’ enters home and destroys vehicle

41-year-old Charles Ballard was charged with aggravated burglary when a neighbor noticed him beat a vehicle and enter a home while the residents were away. Ballard told police that he was going to “find out who lived there.”

Man upset over breakup throws rock in his ex-girlfriend’s windshield

33-year-old Vonzell Bryant was charged with vandalism after he chucked a rock through the rear windshield of his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and smashed her phone during an argument.

Man smashes 50-pound flower pot over blind roommate’s head

36-year-old Abdirham Hasanali was charged with aggravated assault after he punched, kicked, and smashed a 50-pound flower pot over a blind man’s head.

Man causes accident sending one to emergency department; license was revoked in 2012 for DUI

28-year-old James Walter was charged with vehicular assault and driving on a revoked license after causing a crash on Old Hickory Blvd which sent a person to the Vanderbilt Emergency Department. Later admits he consumed beers and weed.

Repeat thief caught stealing items from Walmart for “another individual”

24-year-old Mariah Nolen was charged with burglary after she was caught trying to steal almost $43 worth of items from Walmart by hiding them in her jacket.

Heroin filled syringes stowed in tampon inside woman’s vagina during booking for domestic

27-year-old Cynthia Vaughn was charged with domestic assault and contraband in a penal facility after she was placed into custody for punching her boyfriend in the eye and police found syringes loaded with heroin during a search in booking.

Man caught screaming and cursing on sidewalk when police respond to possible shooting

29-year-old Marquise Porter was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after police observed him rolling around on the sidewalk screaming and spitting when they were responding to a possible shooting in the area.

Man drags ex by her neck across Villages at Vanderbilt parking lot

27-year-old Demario Taylor was charged with aggravated assault when someone noticed him dragging his ex through the Vanderbilt campus with his arm around her neck after she broke up with him.

Fugitive says “I’m going to beat your ass” to girlfriend during assault

37-year-old Troy Johnson was charged with two counts of domestic assault after arguments with his girlfriend led her to defend herself with a potato peeler and left her with scratches.