Argument between roommates gets physical when one decides to use his head

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27-year-old Jason Sousa was charged with domestic assault after headbutting and punching his roommate, claiming he had stolen something from him.

On May 26th, Metrop Nashville Police Officers responded to 4601 Andrew Jackson Parkway around 7:30 p.m. to speak to Shawn Hackett, about an assault that happened earlier that day. He mentioned that he and his roommate, Jason Sousa, were having a discussion that became an argument about finances. The conversation took a turn when Sousa came downstairs, headbutted Hackett, and punched him in the face twice.

Jason Sousa (MNPD)
Jason Sousa (MNPD)

Officers noted that Hackett had a cut with dried blood on his nose and an open cut on his mouth. Sousa’s girlfriend, named only as Shortt, was there and said that she heard the argument but did not see any part of the fight. Since Sousa had left the scene before police arrived they called him, positively identifying him when he answered “Mr. Sousa.” He admitted only to punching Hackett in the face once because he had stolen something from him. Sousa then told the officer that he did not sustain any injuries and that he did not give any further information regarding the situation.

On September 15th, Jason Sousa was arrested and charged for domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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