Big sister jailed after punching child, tells police she can’t control her feelings after watching Halloween

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20-year-old Haley Moore was charged with domestic assault after admitting to police that she punched her sister in the shoulder because she was angry after watching Halloween and feels her medication is no longer effective.

On September 1st, Metro Nashville Police Officer Ciara Doherty was dispatched to a domestic dispute at 513 Elaine Avenue. Haley Moore’s 17-year-old sister met officers outside and advised that she was “freaked out” by the things Haley was saying. She explained that Haley was talking about killing people and had punched their 12-year-old sister during a fight about the dog. Officer Doherty spoke with Haley who informed them that she is on medication for her anger issues, but she was concerned it wasn’t effective anymore.

Haley Moore (MNPD)
Haley Moore (MNPD)

When Officer Doherty asked what made her angry, she explained to them that she had been watching the movie “Halloween” and that she watches it repeatedly until she gets tired of it. Haley told police that when she watches the movie she becomes angry and imagines killing people, but could not explain why. She affirmed that she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but that she can’t control the feelings she gets watching the movie. She also stated that she gets similarly upset when listening to Michael Jackson.

When asked about the incident with her 12-year-old sister, Haley stated that she was angry with everything going on around her and by the dog barking so she hit it. The youngest sister told her that “hitting the dog was not good” which made her angry so she punched her in the arm, leaving behind a bruise. All three of the girls are under the care of their grandfather, Terry Hunt.

Harley Moore was charged with domestic assault and is jailed in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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