Fugitive felon caught with almost a half-pound of heroin and over $5,000

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34-year-old Carlos Edmondson was charged with possession of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, when he was stopped, recognized for an active warrant, and deputies, found him to be in possession of 197g heroin and more.

On September 21st, Metro Nashville Detectives observed Carlos Edmondson driving a red Dodge Ram on Davidson Drive headed toward Charlotte Pike. Detectives recognized Carlos to have an outstanding felony warrant out of Dickson County. They performed a traffic stop and he was taken into custody without incident. When being detained, Carlos had a small bag strapped around his torso.

Carlos Edmondson (MNPD)
Carlos Edmondson (MNPD)

Inside of the bag detectives discovered approximately $5,745 in cash and about 5.5 grams of cocaine. There were also small rock-like crumbs in plain view on the center console which were methamphetamine. Under Miranda, Carlos was asked if there was anything illegal in his trunk. He directed the detectives to a black backpack in the rear passenger compartment which contained approximately 197 grams of a tan powder substance in a large ziplock bag. The substance appeared to be heroin, but detectives were not able to field test the substance due to officer safety issues.

Carlos Edmondson was arrested and charged with felony possession of heroin, felony possession of cocaine, and possession of methamphetamine. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $62,500 bond.

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