Homeless woman vandalizes restaurant after accusing them of “serving children to eat”

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34-year-old Sarah Raetzloff was charged with three counts of vandalism when she ripped out the irrigation system in a restaurant after claiming to find a bone of a child in their trash can.

On September 1st, Metro Nashville Officers were dispatched to The Griff Apartments about a homeless person who was vandalizing property. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Sarah Raetzloff who officers stated was in a very manic state and was not making much sense. She advised that the attempted vandalism of the vehicle was due to the fact that she believed it to belong to her ex-husband who she thought deserved to have his car destroyed. Sarah later changed her story and said she believed the vehicle belonged to a restaurant employee.

Sarah Raetzloff (MNPD)
Sarah Raetzloff (MNPD)

She advised that the vandalism had to do with the bone of a child in which Sarah first said was found in a tent she was sleeping in but could not advise officers where the tent was located. Sarah then stated that she found the bone in the trash can of the restaurant and that they were serving children to eat. She reported that she attempted to call for help but no one in the restaurant would call the police. At that time, Sarah ripped out the irrigation system, grabbed decorative balloons from the apartment complex, and attempted to damage a vehicle, but was unsuccessful. She grabbed decorative rocks and destroyed some of the lights at the apartment complex.

Sarah Raetzloff was arrested and charged with three counts of vandalism. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $3,000 bond.

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