Infant endangered as man leads police in rainy high-speed chase with child in the back seat

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22-year-old Davone Starks was charged with child endangerment and evading arrest after running from the police with a suspected unrestrained infant in the vehicle.

On August 27th, Metro Nashville Police received a call about shots being fired in the area of Owen Street and Clay Street. Officers saw a black Kia Optima, whose driver was Davone Starks, speeding from Clarksville Pike onto 25th Avenue. The vehicle was blacked-out, not using its taillights or headlights. A traffic stop was initiated near Dowlan Street and 24th Avenue north, but the vehicle did not stop until 2416 24th Avenue North.

Davone Starks (MNPD)
Davone Starks (MNPD)

As officers made their was toward the vehicle, they observed Starks buckling an infant into a car seat. Starks did not roll down his window as authorities walked up to his vehicle, so they knocked on the window. He looked directly at them, and then fled on 24th Avenue North toward Rosa Parks Boulevard at a high rate of speed. When Starks had looked up at police, they immediately recognized him from a traffic stop about ten days before, and on that occasion, he was driving the same vehicle with a small amount of marijuana and an infant in the backseat once again.

Davone Starks was arrested and charged with child endangerment and evading arrest. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $7,500 bond.

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