Jackson man causes crash when girlfriend tries to break up with him

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32-year-old Nicholas Swift was charged with reckless endangerment when he jerked the wheel of his girlfriends moving vehicle after she told him the relationship was over.

On September 5th, officers arrived on the scene of a crash with injuries which was found to be domestic-related. Officers spoke with Kelli Jackson who advised that she and her boyfriend, Nicholas Swift, had gotten into a verbal argument about a past domestic case. She stated that when Swift got mouthy with the neighbors she decided to drive him back home to Jackson, Tennessee. She further stated that when she informed Swift that after she dropped him off the relationship would be over, he did not like that answer.

Nicholas Swift (MNPD)
Nicholas Swift (MNPD)

Swift then stated “no” and jerked the wheel causing Kelli to crash the vehicle on 386 West towards Nashville Interstate 65 into a guard rail nearly driving off the embankment. The only thing that stopped them from going off the embankment was a light pole. Kelli said that Swift then took her phone at which point she ran for help as he chased her. When she was finally able to get help Swift took off running towards Hooters. Kelli was taken to Skyline hospital and told police that she was afraid for her life and that she would like to obtain an order of protection.

Nicholas Swift was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. His bond was set at $5,000.

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