Man admits to penetrating an overdosing 13-year-old girl; said she was asking for it

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27-year-old Jackson Hernandez-Gomez was charged with sexual battery after he admitted to penetrating a 13-year-old girl, reportedly while she was overdosing.

On September 15th, Metro Nashville Police Officer Hunter Fikes was dispatched to 3221 Nolensville Pike for a rape involving a 13-year-old girl and Jackson Gomez. The juvenile was transported by medics to Vanderbilt Pediatrics and was not on scene due to possibly overdosing on drugs. The victim’s mother said the girl was laid out on Gomez’s bed, not moving with white foam coming from her mouth leaving her physically helpless when she contacted police.

Jackson Gomez (MNPD)
Jackson Gomez (MNPD)

Gomez was on scene and read his Miranda, but stated he wished to speak with Officer Fikes about the case. Under Miranda, he claimed the juvenile came home drunk and high on drugs and that she wanted to have sex. Gomez then said that she came into his room and laid on his bed. He then penetrated the victim with two of his fingers in his bedroom shortly before her mother came into the room.

Jackson Hernandez-Gomez was arrested and charged with sexual battery. He is currently jailed in lieu of an $80,000 bond.

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