Man drags ex by her neck across Villages at Vanderbilt parking lot

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27-year-old Demario Taylor was charged with aggravated assault when someone noticed him dragging his ex through the Vanderbilt campus with his arm around her neck after she broke up with him.

On September 23rd, Vanderbilt University Police Department dispatch received a call about a man strangling and dragging a woman across the parking lot of the Village at Vanderbilt Apartments. Authorities found Demario Taylor and Vonta Marable, noted her visible distress, and decided to speak with them separately. Taylor began his claim by saying he and Marable were just walking in the area with his arm around her shoulder, and he denied any mention of assault.

Demario Taylor (MNPD)
Demario Taylor (MNPD)

Marable told authorities that she broke up with Taylor earlier in the morning and everything was fine. She noted that when she was walking to work, Taylor decided to follow her. Marable told police, “as we were walking through the University he grabbed me into [a] headlock and began strangling me and making me not be able to breathe.” Taylor told police that he had a pocket knife and he would stab anyone that came to help Marable. Officers found Taylor to have two outstanding warrants and placed him under arrest for both the warrants as well as aggravated assault.

Demario Taylor was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $20,000 bond.

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