Man has bad LSD trip in MNPD Commander’s home; assaulted by gay lover with hammer after punching family dog

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22-year-old D’Andre Johnson, a lover of MNPD West Precinct Commander David Corman’s son, ‘Blake’ Corman, had a bad acid trip that started in the Commander’s hot tub this weekend. The incident ended with D’Andre Johnson being moved into the garage after the Commander’s son hit him in the head with a hammer.

In the first hours of Sunday, September 20th, Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived at the Hermitage home of Commander David Blake Corman at 2229 Arbor Pointe Way after a 911 call stated D’Andre Johnson destroyed the inside of the home and the caller, the Commander’s son, David ‘Blake’ Corman, struck him in the head with a hammer twice.

The sworn affidavit notes the two young men, D’Andre Johnson and ‘Blake’ Corman, have been intimate previously and were in the process of being intimate again this weekend. MNPD Spokesperson told Scoop: Nashville that Blake’s parents, who are both employed with the department, were on ‘vacation’ and not at home at the time of the incident. Young Corman’s mother, Rickie Corman, is the South Precinct’s Community Engagement Officer.

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Upon arrival at the home, a report states officers saw “an excessive amount of damage” to the residence, and found Johnson was only wearing a t-shirt and had a large cut on the top of his head. Johnson was too disoriented to answer questions and was transported to Summit Hospital for treatment.

Dandre Johnson (MNPD)
D’Andre Johnson (MNPD)

‘Blake’ Corman told officers that at 9:00 p.m. Saturday night, he and Johnson took ‘hits’ of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and went into the backyard hot tub. After about an hour and a half, Corman says he and Johnson came back into the house and started watching television. Johnson told Corman that he had cancer while they were in the house. The two went back out to the hot tub, and after a few minutes, Johnson made an attempt to get intimate with Corman. Corman rejected him because of the ‘heavy’ cancer conversation the two had just shared in the home. They returned inside, and Johnson started talking about his grandmother incoherently and throwing objects around. Together, they went into Corman’s room and Johnson “would ‘say colors’ when he wanted an object.”

At this point, Corman says Johnson made another attempt to initiate sex when he grabbed his genitalia with so much force that in caused him to yell in pain. After Johnson let go of Corman’s penis and scrotum, he went into the foyer and pulled pictures from the wall. Johnson walked outside and threw his keys and phone into the street. Corman attempted his first phone call to police, and in the meantime, Johnson pulled a television off of the wall and proceed to sit on the family dog. Johnson punched the dog in the head and tried to pry the dog’s mouth open while it tried to get away, according to police reports.

Corman made a call to his brother, who told Corman to get something to defend himself with, so he went to the garage and got a hammer. He told Johnson to stop behaving erratically, but Johnson wouldn’t stop pulling the television from the wall and throwing things around the room. Corman said that he was in fear for his dog’s life, his own life, and further damage to the home. He said he struck Johnson twice in the back of the head after Johnson lunged at him. Johnson told him to stop, and Corman apologized, saying he didn’t want to hurt him. Corman called 911 and officers were dispatched. Corman knocked Johnson unconscious with the hammer strikes to the skull and pulled him into the garage.

D’Andre Johnson was arrested on September 20th and charged with cruelty to animals, domestic assault, and vandalism. Johnson is free on a $4,000 bond. Corman, a chemistry major, is alleged to have provided the LSD during the night’s festivities.

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We reached out to Blake Corman and he did not provide a comment on the incident.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated Johnson was ‘knocked unconscious’ and dragged. That verbiage has been corrected to ‘moved’ to the garage, to reflect the language in the affidavit.

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