Man strangles and bites girlfriend in dispute over past physical assaults

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29-year-old Mario Foster was charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault by strangulation when he threw his girlfriend on the bed, strangled, and bit her during multiple arguments about previous physical assaults.

On August 19th, Nashville Police officers responded to 3140 Hamilton Church Road in regards to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Brittney Armstrong who reported that the night prior, her boyfriend, Mario Foster, pushed her inside of his apartment off of Tulip Grove Drive in Hermitage. Brittney advised that she and Mario had been in a relationship for four years and have two young children together. She reported that she was walking out of the door when Mario got upset and pushed her so hard that she struck the other side of the breezeway of the apartment complex. When Brittney told him she was leaving he stated that he was going to get his belongings from her apartment.

Mario Foster (MNPD)
Mario Foster (MNPD)

Brittney then hurried home trying to get there before he arrived. Mario showed up to her apartment and she would not let him inside because she wanted her brother present to prevent him from hurting her again. Mario then left the apartment and Brittney sustained no injuries from the incident. She further stated that on August 14th, Mario had strangled and bit her inside her apartment. Brittney told officers that she and Mario were arguing about past assaults when he grabbed her by the neck in the bathroom and moved her to the bed. Mario had both hands around her neck shaking her and yelling at her to calm down. Brittney stated that when she attempted to scratch at Mario he bit down on her right pointer finger.

Mario used both of his thumbs to press the middle of her neck causing her to spit and not be able to breathe for approximately 4 seconds. Brittney stated that her adolescent daughter witnessed Mario strangling her. Her daughter advised that she heard her mom yelling and peaked into the room where she saw Mario on top of Brittney on the bed with his hands around her neck. Brittney stated that she did not think that she lost consciousness but her eyes went blurry and she was unable to remember what happened after Mario let go of her neck. Mario stayed in the apartment after the incident. Brittney said that she did not immediately report the assault due to fear of losing her apartment. Officers observed a bite mark on Brittney’s finger and damage to the towel rack from the assault.

On September 1st, Mario Foster was arrested and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault by strangulation. His bond was set at $27,500.

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