Man tells mother of his child, “I will crash with you and me, I do not care” while child is left unattended

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26-year-old Erick Eason was charged with child endangerment and domestic assault after abandoning his child in a stroller on the sidewalk and punching the mother of that child when she tried to comfort him.

On July 19th, Metro Nashville Police were called to 921 Cahal Avenue in response to a domestic disturbance. Erick Eason and Dessyka Mills have a child together and were in an argument over Eason’s missing handgun. Eason called Mills and accused her of taking his gun, but she told him, “I am scared of guns. I did not take your gun. You can come over and look through the diaper bag and my belongings.” Mills’ aunt, Cherry Revevidiaux, did not want Eason in the house and said that he was more than welcome to look for his handgun on the street in front of the house.

Erick Eason (MNPD)
Erick Eason (MNPD)

When Eason arrived, Mills walked herself and their child, in a stroller to his vehicle. Eason was not able to find his handgun, so at that point Mills got into his vehicle in an attempt to calm him down. An argument quickly developed until Eason punched Mills in the face, driving off with her still in the car and their child stranded in a stroller on the sidewalk. Mills said to Eason, “You left our son on the side of the street,” but he tried to turn the blame on her. In total, the child was left unattended in his stroller on the sidewalk in 90-degree weather for five minutes. Mills begged Easton to stop the vehicle, but before he turned around, he told her, “I will crash with you and me, I do not care.” Mills had obvious injuries after her ride with Eason.

Erick Eason was arrested and charged with child endangerment and domestic assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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