Tourist gets $100 bond on domestic charge after husband tells police she won’t stop touching him

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23-year-old Sydney Workman was charged with domestic assault after continuing to pester her husband when he told her to stop touching him, until he had to push her off and call the police, per report.

On September 21st, Metro Nashville Police Officer Daniel Russett spoke to Michael Kincaid and Sydney Workman who explained they had an argument downtown which continued to their hotel room and began to escalate.

Sydney Workman (MNPD)
Sydney Workman (MNPD)

Michael told the officer that he attempted to avoid Sydney by lying on the couch in a separate room. She followed him and continued to bother him by grabbing onto him several times, trying to get him to leave. During which Michael told Sydney several times to stop touching him and eventually had to push her off of him in self defense. Once he had to push her off he called the police. It was reported that the incident is on video.

Sydney Workman was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $100.

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