Wanted man threatens woman: “if I go back to jail, then you are going to die”

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24-year-old Kristopher Dickerson-Blanch was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when a woman said he forced his way into her home, demanding to stay because he had warrants, and destroyed her property when he was told to leave.

On August 27th, according to Cindy Maldonado, Kristopher Dickerson-Blanch came to her home located at 618 Margaret Robertson Drive. She advised that Kristopher knocked on her door and asked if he could stay with her because there was a warrant out for his arrest. When Cindy told him that he could not stay, he forced his way past her and into her apartment. Due to the violent history between the two of them, Cindy decided to leave the home while he was on the property.

Kristopher Dickerson-Blanch (MNPD)
Kristopher Dickerson-Blanch (MNPD)

When she returned to her apartment she told Kristopher that he had to leave, but he insisted that he was not going to. When Cindy threatened to call the police Kristopher became violent. Cindy informed police that he kicked a small dresser in the bedroom multiple times and then punched a large hole in the wall in her hallway. She stated that Kristopher threatened her saying “Slap the shit out of you” and “if I go back to jail, then you are going to die.”

Kristopher Dickerson-Blanch was arrested and charged with domestic assault vandalism valued at $1000 or less and is jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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