Woman accidentally fires handgun; pierces wall three feet away from neighbor’s head

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64-year-old Cynthia Drake was charged with reckless endangerment after she accidentally discharged her handgun through her window and into a neighbor’s bathroom.

On September 3rd, Metro Nashville Police Officer Chase Harriman was dispatched to 3313 William Bailey Drive. Upon arrival, Officer Harriman spoke with the occupants and they showed the officer a bullet hole that had entered the outer wall of their bathroom. They advised the officer they heard the bullet pierce through the wall around 9:17 am, but they had assumed something had fallen. They didn’t discover the bullet hole until a while later. One man stated that his head had only been about three feet away from the entry point while he was in an adjoining room. Officer Harriman examined the outside of the home and found the trajectory aligned with a bullet hole through the window of a neighboring home.

Cynthia Drake (MNPD)
Cynthia Drake (MNPD)

Officer Harriman and Officer Volfson knocked on the door of 3309 William Bailey Drive to verify the welfare of the resident. Officers spoke with Cynthia Drake, who initially stated that she had no knowledge that a gun had gone off. Cynthia granted officers permission to search her room where they located a bullet hole in the exterior window.

Officer Volfson also received consent to search her purse and located a handgun. When she was questioned if this was the gun that fired a bullet through the window, she confessed she knew what happened. Cynthia stated that she was attempting to clear the chamber of the weapon when it went off. She explained that when she searched for a bullet hole she couldn’t find one, so she didn’t take any further action.

Cynthia Drake was charged with reckless endangerment. She was released on bond and her bond was set at $2,500.

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