Woman kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door after an argument “sent her into a rage”

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26-year-old Jimika Flowers was charged with vandalism after she took a brick to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment door and then kicked it in after arguing with his friend.

On January 1st, Metro Nashville Police arrived at 1617 Lebanon Pike in response to a domestic disturbance call. When they arrived, they spoke with Dorian Blackshear who stated the previous night his ex-girlfriend, Jimika Flowers asked to stay with him because she had nowhere else to go. Blackshear let her stay the night, and Flowers left the following morning before he woke up.

Jimika Flowers (MNPD)
Jimika Flowers (MNPD)

Flowers came back to the apartment that afternoon and was upset. Blackshear asked Flowers to leave, but a friend Blackshear had inside the apartment had a brief argument with flowers that “sent her into a rage.” He helped her gather her things so that she could leave. Once she was outside, Flowers began beating Blackshear’s door with a brick she found in the parking lot. Flowers stopped, and Blackshear opened the door to make sure she had left, but when Flowers saw the door open she bolted to it. She kicked in the door before her mother came and took her from the scene.

Jimika Flowers was arrested and charged with vandalism, under $1,000. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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