Woman punches husband and threatens him with a knife, says “n***** you are going to jail”

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35-year-old Nicole Hisle was charged with aggravated assault when she punched her husband in the nose, slapped him, then grabbed a knife and threatened him saying “I’m going to tell police you hit me and n***** you are going to jail”.

On September 9th, Charles Boyce and his friend Vance went to Oklahoma to pick up his wife Nicole Hisle and drive back to Indiana where they all live. Hisle was driving the vehicle at the time when she got lost and ended up in Nashville. When they started questioning her about their whereabouts she stated “God would guide her and provide her a full tank of gas.” She proceeded to pull into the parking lot of a shopping center located at 6716 Charlotte Pike and put the vehicle in park.

Nicole Hisle (MCSO)
Nicole Hisle (MNPD)

Boyce attempted to remove the keys from the ignition, but Hisle became upset and punched her husband in the nose and slapped him in the face. Boyce let go of the keys and exited the vehicle. Hisle followed closely behind grabbing a small knife on her way out. She then displayed the knife in a threatening manner and said, “I’m going to tell the police you hit me and n***** you are going to jail.”

Hisle then dropped the knife inside of the vehicle and ran toward Charlotte Pike. Vance stated he was present during the incident and corroborated Boyce’s story. Boyce had visible signs of injury such as a scratch on his nose and a stretched shirt. Due to the witness accounts and visible injury, Hisle was located and believed to be the primary aggressor.

Nicole Hisle was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $5,000.

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