Woman soils bed with food and attacks boyfriend who refuses to provide money for cocaine

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41-year-old Tamika Mcgee was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she punched her boyfriend in the face multiple times, damaged the window blinds, and soiled their bed with food after he refused to give her money to buy cocaine.

On September 7th, Metropolitan Nashville Police Officer William Hamblen was dispatched to 15th Avenue North for a possible domestic altercation. Through the officer’s investigation, he determined that Tamika Mcgee and Erick Bracy were in a domestic, intimate relationship. Erick told the officer that Tamika asked for money to buy cocaine and when he refused she began to rummage through his vehicle to find money as he was driving back to their residence.

Tamika Mcgee (MNPD)
Tamika Mcgee (MNPD)

When they arrived, Tamika began striking him in the face with a balled-up fist causing contusions and scratches to his face and nose. She then began damaging things within the residence. The officer noted the window blinds to be torn down and damaged and food to be thrown over the bed, soiling the sheets and covers. Erick wished to prosecute but refused all other services.

Tamika Mcgee was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $2,500 bond.

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