Man whacks ex in head with handgun, points it at person she brought home

23-year-old Adam Wells was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he attacked his ex, smacked her with his handgun, and then pointed the same gun at another person in the room.

Man strikes nurse assisting him out of wheelchair

66-year-old Larry Brown was charged with assaulting a health care provider after hitting a nurse in the head when she went to help him out of his wheelchair.

Woman shoots man 3 times with BB gun as he drags her down street with car

21-year-old Britney Polzin and 26-year-old Michael Cunningham were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Cunningham was additionally charged with driving on a revoked license after a dispute at a Wendy’s escalated and Polzin shot a man in the chest with a BB gun.

Man caught a year after assaulting his brother with unknown object

36-year-old Norman Johnson was charged with domestic assault when he threw an unknown object at his brother which caused a laceration on his leg before he fled the scene and was caught more than a year later.

Husband threatens to kill wife after her date with boyfriend

25-year-old Devin Mitchell was charged with multiple crimes including driving without a license and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after being pulled over for running a red light and having police discover an outstanding warrant.

Banned man attempts to steal from Walmart again

28-year-old John Philippe was charged with burglary when he attempted to conceal and steal items from Walmart after having been trespassed once before.

Man steals 3 chainsaws from work crew in broad daylight

28-year-old Robert Russel was charged with theft of property after he used his real name and identification to pawn stolen goods.