“It’s gotta come out” – Man urinates himself in front of police; pulls penis out mid-stream to finish

34-year-old Curtis Wonderly was charged with public indecency, resisting arrest, evading arrest, public intoxication, unattended vehicle, and open container violation after he whipped his privates out while being detained for an open bottle of vodka that was in his cupholder.

Woman charged after assaulting healthcare provider during check-in

28-year-old Julia Willford was charged with assault on a healthcare provider after she hit a healthcare worker in the head with a binder and threw a thermometer at his face.

Holiday Inn squatter caught stealing chips and cookies

31-year-old Onreka Gray was charged with burglary after he was caught breaking into a hotel’s kitchen, where he loaded a backpack with chips, cookies, and left with several take-out trays full of food.

Woman charged with domestic assault; threatens to shoot father

20-year-old Amaya Eason was charged with domestic assault after telling her father she would “shoot him with his own gun” in front of the police.

Husband mushes and strangles wife during love scuffle

25-year-old Jevonne Wilson was charged with aggravated assault after he mushed his wife in the face and strangled her during an argument.

Man pushes child’s mother in front of daughter, tries to jump her husband

27-year-old Robert Hammonds was charged with domestic assault after he shoved the mother of his child multiple times in an attempt to lunge at her husband.

Woman shows up to boyfriend’s workplace and swings at him

28-year-old Shavita Mayes was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly showed up at her boyfriend’s place of work and attempted to swing on him, because she claimed his sisters damaged her car.

Man charged after prints lifted from broken TV in burglarized office

44-year-old Xavier Donnell was charged with burglary after video footage showed he and an unnamed accomplice smash a window to an office building and steal two guitars and two laptops.