Man bites, strangles, and punches woman before sexual assault

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24-year-old Ahmed Alawi was charged with aggravated assault after he grew jealous of a woman he went out with talking to another man.

On October 11th, Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived at 300 Hickory Apartments, located at 300 Hickory Hollow Place, in response to a domestic violence call. Ahmed Alawi’s upstairs neighbors heard someone screaming and decided to go check on things and call the police. Alawi’s girlfriend, Mikyra Cotton, was upstairs with her neighbors when police arrived.

They noted blood on the closet door, hallway wall, and in the bathroom sink. She was barely able to speak to the officers because she was fading in and out of consciousness. During her interview her voice was “raspy” and she “made gurgling noises while speaking and spit up blood continuously”.

Ahmed Alawi (MNPD)
Ahmed Alawi (MNPD)

She informed Detective Terrance McBride that she and Alawi went out with friends. Alawi became so jealous when he saw her talking with a friend’s boyfriend that he bit her cheek. Once they were in the car he repeatedly punched her until they got home, where he dragged her by the hair to the bathroom. He then took her to the bedroom where he sexually assaulted her and strangled her until she lost consciousness.

McBride also spoke with the upstairs neighbor who stated that he and his girlfriend heard someone screaming and went to check things out. They knocked on the door and Alawi answered. Alawi pretended everything was okay, but they refused to leave until they saw Mikyra. She came to the door with several bruises and scratches around her neck. At that point Alawi ran.

Ahmed Alawi was arrested and charged with aggravated assault by strangulation. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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