Man overdoses on floor of pregnant wife he punched in stomach

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32-year-old Jerry Conley was charged with domestic assault and violating an order of protection after he punched his wife when she was pregnant and was caught a few months later overdosing in her home with an order of protection in place.

On July 5th, Metro Nashville Police officers responded to a domestic dispute between a pregnant woman and her husband. When police arrived, they made contact with Latonya Carter who stated she and her husband, Jerry Conley, got into a verbal argument.

Jerry Conley (MNPD)
Jerry Conley (MNPD)

Latonya stated at one point the argument turned physical as she was standing by the stairway Jerry Conley hit her stomach with his arm. She was attempting to block him from going upstairs because her daughter was up there. After the first hit, she fell back onto the stairs and Conley struck her stomach again with a closed fist and twisted her hand. Latonya stated she proceeded to hit him with a cordless phone in an attempt to defend herself. Conley then stated, “you keep standing there, and I’m going to really show you what I’m gonna do.” He advanced and stepped over her, went to the closet, then began throwing things. Conley threw a fan at her before Latonya’s daughter called 911.

On October 9th, Latonya Carter called 911 from her residence at 2151 Vinehill in reference to Jerry Conley lying unresponsive on her floor. Upon arrival, police observed Conley passed out on the floor and white residue on the table which led them to believe it was an overdose. They also did not observe any signs of injury on Conley. A medic was advised of the likely overdose and Conley was transported to the hospital. When officers searched Conley’s name they discovered he had an active order of protection that did not allow him to be at Latonya’s residence.

On October 10th, Jerry Conley was arrested and charged with domestic assault and violating an order of protection. The charge for violating an order of protection was later dropped. The charge for domestic assault has been bound over to a grand jury. He has also recently been charged with eleven counts of child abuse in another case. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $104,000 total bond.

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