Man strip dances on riverbank after crashing event at The Bridge Building; per report

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42-year-old William Rivas was charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespass when he entered private property, refused to leave, then walked down to the Cumberland River bank taking his clothes off and dancing simultaneously.

On October 3rd, Christine Scott, a security guard for The Bridge Building located at 2 Victory Avenue, was notified that William Rivas was trespassing at the location. Scott asked him to leave the premises, but he refused.

William Rivas (MNPD)
William Rivas (MNPD)

Rivas ventured further onto the property, while an event was being held at the venue. Scott made contact with him again and proceeded to contact Metro Nashville Police Department due to his refusal to leave. For an unknown reason, Rivas walked down to the Cumberland River, removed his clothes, and exposed himself all while dancing. Rivas put his clothes back on before the police arrived on the scene.

William Rivas was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespassing. The charges were dropped on October 5th.

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