Mother punches daughter in face over not getting her cigarettes while in hospital

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56-year-old Vanessa Mooreland was charged with domestic assault, and her daughter, 36-year-old Temika Mooreland, was charged with violation of an order of protection after months of arguing.

On August 31, Temika Mooreland went to visit her mother, Vanessa Mooreland, at her home at 940 West Avenue after her surgery. When Temika entered Vanessa’s room she saw her laying on her bed. Vanessa stated “oh good you’re here, get your shit and leave.”

At first, Temika laughed because she thought it was a joke. Vanessa told her that because she was upset Temika did not bring her cigarettes while she was in the hospital. After Temika laughed, Vanessa got up from her bed and punched Temika in the face, leaving a cut in her mouth. A witness was standing in the doorway and corroborated Temika’s story.

On October 1st, Temika went to the Family Safety Center to file a report and sought assistance with pressing charges. A warrant was then issued for Vanessa.

On October 15th, Temika Mooreland returned to her mother’s house. She knocked on the door and asked if she could stay the night, because she had no place to go. Vanessa told Temika she was not allowed to be there and closed the door.

On October 19th, Vanessa Mooreland was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $1,000 bond.

On October 20th, Temika Mooreland was arrested and charged with violation of an order of protection. She also had an unrelated warrant for vandalism. She was released on a $5,000 bond.

Mooreland, Vanessa153040940 WEST AVE
Nashville, TN 37206
Asl, Dom Bod Inju
Mooreland, Temika285040361 PARMLEY LN
Nashville, TN 37207
Order of Protection Viol.

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