Musician stalker tells woman he likes her flat chest, so he can stick his…

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53-year-old Barry Zarculia was charged with aggravated stalking after reports of his inappropriate behavior over recent months piled up and he was witnessed violating his order of protection.

On October 3rd, Metro Nashville Police went to the home of Valerie Parker, located at 1212 Battlefield Drive, after she reported she was being stalked by Nashville Musician Barry Zarculia, who has been previously called out for inappropriate stalking behavior in 2017. She told officers that between July 9th and July 28th she received several messages from Barry, who was also trying to figure out where she lived by following her home. Barry reportedly sent Parker messages calling her anorexic, and he told her, “the only reason [I] like [your] flat chest is because it would be good to stick [my] dick in.” Valerie told him several times to leave her alone and messaged his Instagram account telling him the things he was saying to her were inappropriate and unwelcome.

Barry Zarculia (MNPD)

She went on to tell officers she had a temporary order of protection against Barry, but he would often show up to where she was and make inappropriate comments. One such time, she went to Radnor Lake located at 1060 Ottercreek Road, where she saw him walking on the trail leading her to hide in a bush until he left. Park Ranger Dameon Fontenot reported that Barry had approached him and told him that, “I just saw a dumb cunt I didn’t want to see today!” before leaving the park. Valerie then approached the park ranger and ask him if he would be able to walk her to her car, and during the walk, Barry returned and told the two of them, “Stay away from me crazy ass! Going to see you in court.”

Barry Zarculia was charged with aggravated stalking. On October 4th, he was freed on a $3,000 bond.

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4 Thoughts to “Musician stalker tells woman he likes her flat chest, so he can stick his…”

  1. The Duke of Earl

    What kind of stupid idiots are you publishing the address of a stalking victim? Your pathetic site needs to be taken down.I think it is YOU who we may be seeing in court.

  2. NA

    The people running Scoop should be ashamed of themselves and she be put under for polluting these communities with small-town gossip and matters UNRELATED to them causing stress to those IN these situations. Cops can be corrupt and so can be the people making these reports, for example Valerie Jane Parker, a scared vengeful little girl who come to find out, is out to get Barry. She makes such trivial, petty, vengeful moves without any regard for human life. She is another sad example of a human being in this modern world.

  3. GoodLuck Loser

    In response to NA, you are 100% WRONG. He has stalked, harassed, and threatened violence against 100’s of women AND men. We all found each other and share stories & screenshots. Perhaps “NA” is his mentally ill girlfriend. She’s just as sick in the head as he is. We will ALL be at his hearing on 12/28. He is mentally ill and is a serial stalker and you know it. His days are numbered. Try me and I’ll post ALL of the threats he’s made and penis pictures he’s sent.

  4. […] out of fear for her safety, the woman obtained a temporary order of protection against Zarculia. The following day, while hiking at a local park, the woman saw Zarculia from a distance.  She then hid in a large bush and sought the assistance of a park ranger to escort her to her […]

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