Nashville couple burgles Murphy Express, netting a trash bag of Newport cigarettes

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29-year old Chelsea Thompson and 52-year-old Darryl Jordan were charged with burglary after stealing a trash bag of cigarettes from Murphy Express.

On September 15th, Metro Nashville Police Officer Jacob Dick initiated an investigative traffic stop on a white Kia Optima that matched the description of a vehicle that was involved in a burglary at Murphy Express located at 3434 Doverside Drive. When Officer Dick made contact with the individuals, the driver, Chelsea Thompson, and the passenger, Darryl Jordan matched the physical description of the suspects involved in the burglary.

The suspects were asked to step out of the car. Officer Dick observed a trash bag of unopened Newport cigarettes. The cigarettes matched the description of the items taken and video footage showed the pair committing the offense. Thomson and Jordon were taken into custody without any incident.

Chelsea Thompson and Darryl Jordan were charged and arrested with burglary. Their bonds were set $10,000 each.

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