Woman fights cheating girlfriend, breaks TV and other items

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21-year-old Tykenya Todd was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she found out her girlfriend was cheating on her, then got into a fight with her and broke a TV and other items.

On October 5th, police responded to 865 Bellevue Road for a domestic fight between Tykenya Todd and her girlfriend Tysiana Wilson. When the officers arrived, Tykenya told them that she found out Tysiana was cheating on her with a third person and went off on her.

Tykenya Todd (MNPD)

During the fight, Tykenya knocked over a TV that belonged to her girlfriend which was valued at $500. She also broke an assortment of other objects, including picture frames and a glass candle. Then, while in the parking lot of their apartment building, Tykena tried to get into another fight with the third person involved.

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Tykenya Todd was charged with domestic assault and vandalism. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $3,000 bond.

Todd, Tykenya598646865 BELLEVUE RD
nashville, TN 37221
Vandalism $1,000 or less
Todd, Tykenya598646865 BELLEVUE RD
nashville, TN 37221
Asl, Dom Bod Inju

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