Woman shows up to boyfriend’s workplace and swings at him

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28-year-old Shavita Mayes was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly showed up at her boyfriend’s place of work and attempted to swing on him, because she claimed his sisters damaged her car.

On October 22, Metro Nashville Police Officers were dispatched to 3501 Murfreesboro Pike in response to reports of a domestic assault. When officers arrived, they made contact with Charles Brown and Shavita Mayes, as well as both of their sisters. Shavita told officers that Charles’ sisters damaged her car on purpose and she showed up to where Charles works to ask him or his sisters to fix it.

Shavita Mayes (MNPD)
Shavita Mayes (MNPD)

She stated it turned into a verbal altercation and he called his sisters to the location to attack her. Charles reported that when she arrived at his workplace, she attempted to hit him. He called his sisters so he would not harm her in an attempt to defend himself. Unnamed customers who witnessed the event stated that they saw Shavita swing at him.

Shavita Mayes was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on a $1,000 bond.

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