Year-long string of crimes ends with woman catching umpteenth charge for shoplifting

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29-year-old Amanda Wright was charged with theft after shoplifting at two different Targets on the same day while having active warrants.

On October 30th of 2019, Amanda Wright and James Brogdon set foot in the Target located at 6814 Charlotte Pike. When she was inside, she placed multiple items inside of a Target bag while James acted as a lookout. He exited the store first and pulled out front in his green truck. Shortly after, Amanda left the store without attempting to pay for any of the items on the way out and got in the truck that was waiting out front for her.

Amanda Wright (MNPD)
Amanda Wright (MNPD)

Both were charged for a separate occurrence on the same day at another Target located at 26 White Bridge Pike. When Target employees attempted to stop Amanda from leaving with the unpaid items, James pulled a knife on them. James Brogdon was already convicted, served time in jail, and was released in July of this year.

On October 21st, Amanda Wright was arrested and charged with theft. She also had active warrants from April of 2019 which included TennCare fraud and two counts of identity theft, as well as a new charge for theft greater than $10,000. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $32,000 bond.

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