Man leads girlfriend’s husband on interstate chase; charged with kidnapping

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39-year-old Ryan Lee was charged with kidnapping after his girlfriend’s husband chased them down the interstate, smashed out the glass on their vehicle, and the two of them tussled over her until police arrived.

On October 14th, Alicia White’s husband, Jason, informed Metro Nashville Police Department his wife was being kidnapped by Ryan Lee at mile marker 60 on I-24 East. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate Alicia or Ryan. Jason later called back to inform the police he followed his wife’s boyfriend all the way to 959 Waldren Road. MNPD and Lavergne Police Department arrived on scene to take statements from all involved parties.

Ryan Lee (MNPD)
Ryan Lee (MNPD)

Alicia told officers she received her phone in the morning, then promptly called her mother and husband to explain how controlling her boyfriend had been in their relationship. Upon hearing the news, Jason drove out to 3917 Apache Trail to pick up Alicia, and arrived to see them both sitting in their car. Ryan woke up to Alicia explaining she was going to leave with Jason and needed her car and her phone, which he used to call his father. During the call, Ryan drove off onto I-24 East with Alicia still in the car. She repeatedly told him she was afraid, to pull over, and to let her get out, but he refused. Alicia stated Ryan was driving recklessly and she did not know what he would do next.

All parties stated that Alicia attempted multiple times to open the passenger side door to exit the vehicle while still in motion on the interstate. Ryan drove to 959 Walden Road and stopped there. Jason, following close behind, arrived shortly after them and smashed a window open on Alicia’s vehicle. Both Jason and Ryan got into a physical altercation over Alicia, until the Lavergne Police Department arrived and took control of the situation. When asked about the incident, Ryan stated he had just woken up, decided to drive to the gas station, and told Alicia to wait to get out until they got there.

On November 4th, Ryan Lee was arrested and charged with felony kidnapping. On November 12th, Ryan Lee pled guilty to the lesser charge of misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

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