Teens flee from police in Fusion; one attempts to take an officer’s digits when caught

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18-year-old Keymanda Woods was charged with assault of an officer and resisting arrest, and 18-year-old Dantay Campbell was charged with evading arrest after they fled from police in a Ford Fusion and Woods bit an officer while they attempted to take her into custody.

On October 29th, A Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to perform a traffic stop on a tan Ford Focus for a traffic violation in Rutherford County. The vehicle refused to stop and fled from the deputy. A Tennessee Highway Patrol helicopter that was in the air during the incident continued to follow the vehicle until it stopped at an alley way between Academy Square and Lindsley Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee.

Some passengers inside the vehicle fled the scene when ground unit officers approached the Ford Fusion. Dantay Campbell and Keymanda Woods, the driver and rear passenger, remained with the vehicle at the time. Officer Lawson approached Keymanda and attempted to take her into custody, but she pulled away. She was given multiple warnings to stop resisting and Officer Lawson tried to reach for her left arm.

She sprung at him and bit his left index finger until it drew blood. She was taken into custody shortly afterward and confessed that she and Dantay Campbell were in Rutherford county and she stole two North Face jackets from a Macy’s. Dantay was also taken into custody and was found to not possess a valid driver’s license.

Keymanda Woods was arrested and charged with assault of an officer and resisting arrest. She was arrested with active warrants is currently jailed in lieu of a $23,500.

Dantay Campbell was arrested and charged with no driver’s license and evading arrest by motor vehicle. She was freed on pre-trial release.

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