Woman charged after boyfriend says he woke up to her slicing his hands with a steak knife

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60-year-old Rita Mullins was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after telling officers “I know you’re on his side” and calling her boyfriend a “fu*king idiot” when they came to her home to investigate a stabbing.

On November 8th, Metro Nashville Police Officer Nicholas Silinsky responded to the report of a stabbing at 1331 Jones Avenue. The suspect was described to be wearing a gray shirt and driving a red Hyundai Sonata. Officers arrived and spotted Rita Mullins, who matched the description they were given, sitting in a carport. She eventually stepped out of her vehicle, after being asked several times, and stated, “I know you’re on his side.”

Rita had no visible injuries or marks on her person. Officers asked if the victim had any injuries, to which she stated, “No, he’s a fucking idiot.” Officer Silinsky entered the residence and immediately Rita’s boyfriend, Steven Eckert, who had noticeable lacerations on his palms, nose, right cheekbone, and right wrist. Steven told the officer he was sleeping in his bed when he awoke to Rita cutting his hands with a large steak knife. After she set the knife down, she grabbed a piece of ceramic tiling and whacked him in the head. He claimed the tile broke after the second time she hit him with it.

Rita Mullins (MNPD)
Rita Mullins (MNPD)

Officer Silinsky located a large chunk of the ceramic tile where Steven was laying down. Medics arrived on the scene, and the officer went back outside. Officer Silinsky notified the other assisting officer that Rita would be taken into custody. She was patted down and began to get confrontational. The officer tried to put handcuffs on her, but after her right hand was cuffed, she pulled away. Officer Silinsky asked, “Do you want to get a resisting arrest charge, too?”

Rita replied, ‘Yeah,” and raised her elbow upwards, knocking the officer’s body camera off. The officer overpowered her and she was finally handcuffed. She repeatedly claimed that Steven fell, but could not give any further information. It was acknowledged that she had claimed the same during an incident in August where Eckert had also alleged she cut his hands.

Rita Mullins was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. She was later released on a $21,000 bond.

Mullins, Rita2620221331 JONES AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
Agg Assault – Deadly Weapon
Mullins, Rita2620221331 JONES AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
Res. Arr.

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