Woman found drinking champagne with peace-pipe tells officers “Fu*k you I’ll do want I want”

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Geraldine Smith was charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and public intoxication after officers were called because she was spitting on people. When they found her she was swigging out of a champagne bottle, had 22.1 grams of weed, and a “peace-pipe”.

On November 7th, Metro Nashville Police officers responded to reports of a woman throwing bottles and spitting on pedestrians at 117 2nd Avenue South. Upon arrival, police spoke with Geraldine Smith and noticed she was drinking from a large champagne bottle. Officers ordered her to stop drinking, but she tried to take another sip.

She was asked to stop drinking from the bottle a second time but threw it on the ground in an attempt to smash it. Officers noticed Geraldine had pinpoint pupils, slurred speech, and was getting increasingly upset. She was asked to stop drinking and harassing people, to which she replied, “Fuck you, I’ll do what I want.”

Geraldine Smith (MNPD)
Geraldine Smith (MNPD)

Officers determined she would continue to cause a disturbance, so she was taken into custody. Police conducted a search of her person, which included a brown handbag. Inside a pocket of the purse was a brown paper bag that contained a leafy substance. Officers also located a gold pipe in one of Geraldine’s large bags with a compressed end and dark residue inside of it. According to the affidavit, when officers asked about the pipe, she excitedly said it was her “peace-pipe” and that she used it for marijuana. The leafy substance collected weighed 22.1 grams.

Geraldine Smith was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and public intoxication. The paraphernalia and public intoxication charges were dropped and the possession charge was dismissed on November 12th.

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