Senior citizen charged after former roommate reports two broken front windows

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68-year-old Donnie Gordon was charged with domestic assault when he reportedly banged on his former roommate’s front door and smashed her front windows with his cane after he was recently kicked out.

On December 1st, Angel Alexander filed a report with the Metro Nashville Police Department. She stated on that day, Donnie Gordon attempted to enter her residence, located at 705 Cheyenne Boulevard. He was previously staying there and the door was locked, since he was told he could not stay there anymore. Gordon was upset by this and banged on the front door.

Donnie Gordon (MNPD)
Donnie Gordon (MNPD)

Alexander reported she was asleep at the time Gordon was yelling at her and told her to open the door. She told officers at some point, Gordon broke her two front windows with his cane and some of the glass cut her above her left eyebrow. She stated the situation placed her in fear and Gordon was identified as the primary aggressor.

On December 2nd, Donnie Gordon was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on a $1,000 bond.

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