Woman charged with harassment after ex reports numerous messages, calls, and unwanted visits

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34-year-old Felisha Holt was charged with harassment after her ex reported she continually tried to contact him and even shown up to his residence uninvited, despite his demands that she stay away and stop contacting him.

On November 10th, Antonio Derrick filed a report with Metro Nashville Police about his ex, Felisha Holt. He reported she sent about 20 messages in a short period of time, arguing about the custody of their child. Derrick also told MNPD he knew Holt for 11 years and recognized her voice when she called him and began to cuss him out over the phone.

Felisha Holt (MNPD)
Felisha Holt (MNPD)

Despite Derrick requesting Holt not to talk to him, he believed she called him several times using a blocked number and showed up at his residence uninvited. According to Derrick, Holt contacted people he knew in an attempt to degrade him. Derrick reported he had suffered from emotional distress, aggravated medical conditions, and he had trouble sleeping due to Holt’s actions.

On November 30th, Felisha Holt was arrested and charged with harassment. She was later released on a $1,000 bond.

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Harassment – Distress

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