Arrest: Popeye’s employee assaults co-worker with chicken

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19-year-old Popeye’s Chicken employee Trinity Hillsman and her 20-year-old brother Brenon Hillsman were charged with assault after Trinity assaulted a co-worker with a piece of chicken, and her brother came back with friends to assault the victim a second time by kicking him while on the ground in the parking lot.

On December 2nd, Nashville Police received a complaint from Annette Jack stating that her son, Isaac Jack, was assaulted on October 13th. Reportedly Issac was talking to a co-worker at Popeye’s Chicken when Trinity Hillsman became upset because she thought he was talking about her and threw a piece of chicken at him.

The manager at the time, Ms. Hill, confirmed the statement and added that she had to step in and send Trinity home for the day. Isaac stated that as he walked to his car that evening there were three men waiting by it. Brenon Hillsman and the other two unknown men walked up to Isaac and said, “What’s all that talking with my sister?” They then started punching and kicking Isaac in the parking lot. Annette Jack was able to find a video on social media that showed Brenon assaulting Isaac, per the report.

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Trinity Hillsman and Brenon Hillsman were arrested and booked into the Metro jail on January 20th. Trinity was released on a $1,000 bond. Brenon was released on a $2,500 bond.

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