Ambrosia Hookah Bar owner jailed after multiple violations of COVID19 regulations

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32-year-old business owner Ambrosia Cruickshank is now criminally charged with violating a COVID-19 Board of Health regulation when Metro Nashville Police observed near 100 people leaving her Ambrosia Hookah Bar venue a few minutes before 1 a.m., despite orders requiring any business that allows the consumption of alcohol to be closed by midnight. She received citations on two prior occasions for similar violations.

Metro Nashville Police noticed on Saturday night that 75-100 people were leaving Ambrosia Hookah Bar at 123 Ewing Drive. Knowing that current Health Department orders require that any business allowing alcohol consumption on premises must close by midnight, they met with the owner, Ambrosia Cruickshank.

Ambrosia Cruickshank (MNPD)
Ambrosia Cruickshank (MNPD)

Cruickshank has been cited twice before for violations of the orders. In March of 2020, she was cited for not limiting gathering sizes in her bar, and not requiring masks or social distancing. A few days prior to that incident, she was also cited for the same violations and refused to comply with the orders.

Due to the repeated citations and disregard for the regulations, officers booked Ambrosia Cruickshank, 32, into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning, charged with violation of the Board of Health regulations. She is currently out on pre-trial release with court dates in April and May.

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  1. Bubba N.

    Good for her. Masks are a hoax and states that imposed no restrictions did better than those that did. Mayor Cooper and his leftist henchmen. suck eggs.

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