Man surprises boyfriend in Nashville: strangulation goes from sexual to assault in downtown hotel

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29-year-old Blake Rajcic is charged with domestic assault after police say he surprised his boyfriend at a Nashville hotel with a choke that started out sexual in nature but turned into assault when he was unable to breathe. Police observed broken glass and dried blood across the floor of the room.

On January 31st, Metro Nashville Police officers were dispatched to a domestic call at the Thompson Hotel at 401 11th Avenue South. Upon arriving on the scene, officers made contact with Blake Rajcic and his boyfriend, Joseph Johnson. Blake told officers they both had a verbal argument and nothing more. He stated that there was no assault or threats of violence but had minor cuts on his feet from broken glass.

Blake Rajcic (MNPD)
Blake Rajcic (MNPD)

According to the affidavit, Metro Nashville Police officers then spoke to the victim who stated that Blake Rajcic flew in from California to surprise him. He stated that they were both kissing and Blake began to choke him in a sexual way with both hands. He then proceeded to choke him harder until he was unable to breathe. Blake then slapped him in the face several times before the couple went out for lunch with family members.

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While at lunch, Blake reportedly becomes intoxicated and belligerent. They both go back to the same hotel and the victim falls asleep. He wakes up several hours later to Blake still being verbally aggressive and breaking things in the hotel room. The victim then gets up from the bed and tried to lock himself in the bathroom but was pushed to the ground by him. The victim also observed him putting a steak knife in his jacket pocket but did not threaten him with it.

On February 1st, Blake Rajcic was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He is currently free on a $1,500 bond.

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