Nashville Bartender charged after repeatedly punching girlfriend in face, assaulting her on multiple occasions

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29-year-old Joshua Mantooth is charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation and misdemeanor domestic assault after his girlfriend reported he punched her repeatedly in the face on the drive home, and then strangled her over and over once back at their residence. Police found the victim’s face cut open, bruised, swollen, and still bleeding when they arrived… but court documents now reveal that wasn’t the only time he’s been abusive against women.

Joshua Mantooth, who works at Dream Nashville, was arrested on two outstanding warrants on February 20th, stemming from a November incident. He and the victim are both craft bartenders that work together in downtown Nashville. They both met at a bat to relax after work on the first Friday of November 2020. At some point in the evening, they got into an argument about work-related things and the victim decided to return to their shared apartment, and Joshua joined her in the vehicle. On the ride home, she reports that Joshua Mantooth proceeded to punch her repeatedly in the face, causing bruising to her left cheek, and a cut across the bridge of her nose, which was still actively bleeding when officers later took the report.

Joshua Mantooth (MNPD)
Joshua Lee Mantooth (MNPD)

Once the couple returned to the residence, the victim went up to the apartment first, with Mantooth coming upstairs after a period of time. Once back inside, he was still visibly upset and she reports he yelled in her face, and repeatedly placed his hands around her neck, and tightly squeezed just until she was about to lose consciousness, and then were let her breathe for a moment before doing it all over again.

Joshua Mantooth (Facebook)
Joshua Mantooth (Facebook)

Police observed multiple wounds to the victim, including scratch marks and bruising on her neck. Warrants, one misdemeanor, one felony, were issued for the arrest of Joshua Lee Mantooth. Police returned to the residence on subsequent days to make the arrest but were unable to cross paths for a period of time.

An order of protection filed days ago indicates that the abuse and assaults have continued since the above incident. The same victim notes that 3 weeks ago, Joshua continued to put his hands on her and damage her property, trapping her between the residence and her car, berating her to get out of the car before he ‘continued to break it’ before he began breaking off mirrors from the outside door of the car. He once again is accused of choking the victim as she fled from the car to the entrance of the apartment, then slammed her to the ground. He posed things on her social media and only fled when he thought someone may be calling the police when the victim screamed, asking anyone to make the call. The full details are in the order of protection below. Reports indicate Josh was intoxicated during several of the incidents.

On February 20th, Manthooth was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on the outstanding charges. He was eventually able to post an $8,000 bond via Binkley Bonding on February 23rd. He is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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