Nashville VIP Host attacked by tourist couple after being kicked out of a downtown venue

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Downtown’s most prominent VIP Host, Fabiano R. Dos Santos (employed by TC Restaurant Group: Aldean’s, Luke’s, FGL, Luigi’s, etc…), well known on IG as “@NashvilleVIP” was attacked early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville by a tourist couple from Michigan, who had already been removed from a venue for assaulting him earlier in the evening. Samuel Noah Goldman and Lindsay Marie Lesha are charged with assault and free on pre-trial release.

If you’ve ever visited any of Nashville’s corporate conglomerate of night clubs and entertainment venues as a VIP or an artist, you’ve likely encountered VIP Host Fabiano R. Dos Santos, who works for TC Restaurant Group, who manages such venues, which include FGL House, Luigi’s, Wanna B’s, Luke’s 32, Tequila Cowboy, and Jason Aldean’s. Santos has a great interview here with Think County Music. Describing his job, Santos said:

“I like to say I do the A&R of Lower Broadway, so basically I deal with all the artists, their wives, their friends, family, and anything in between. I mean the majority of my clients now are artists, athletes, and actors, and lately a lot of Hollywood actors who are international. I’ve become friends with several of them, this town has blown up in the past five years. So my job is basically taking care of anything and everything artist.”

21-year-old Samuel Noah Goldman & 22-year-old Lindsay Marie Lesha, two tourists from Michigan, were kicked out of a venue where Santos was working late Saturday night, after reportedly putting their hands on him at the bar. At 1:05 a.m. Sunday, as the victim was walking out of Luigi’s, the couple then approached Santos again, now screaming and throwing punches at him. Security was able to assist, and the pair were booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, each charged with assault. They were freed on pre-trial release, and free to return to Michigan without posting any bond. They are scheduled to appear in court in June.

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Goldman, Samuel814 HILL ST
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Lesha, Lindsay61 FAIRFORD RD
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

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