Woman charged after bloodying boyfriend’s nose in an Uber, before she fell out of the car

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23-year-old Haleigh Feri is charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend says she punched him in the nose four times while riding in an Uber after an argument, then fell out of the Uber when she tried to follow him out of the car to argue some more.

Metro Nashville police responded to a North Nashville call for service Saturday night, after a citizen called police that an unknown woman knocked on their door crying and upset, asking to be taken to 2316 Jordan Ridge Drive. The concerned citizen drove the woman to the requested address, however, they stated she just stayed outside once they did, so they contacted the police out of concern.

Police found the woman, identified as Haleigh Feri, 23, sitting on the sidewalk, intoxicated and crying, when they arrived. She stated she had been in an argument with her boyfriend, who was inside the home. She had flown in from the West Coast to visit, and the couple had been downtown when she began to argue with him about an ex-girlfriend. They decided to get an Uber home, and during the ride to Northwest Nashville, Haleigh Feri reportedly backhanded Kyle Alvarez four times in the nose, causing a bloody nose and some scratches on his face.

Haleigh Feri (MNPD)
Haleigh Feri (MNPD)

At some point, the Uber driver pulled over, and as Kyle got out of the car, Haleigh attempted to follow him but fell out of the Uber. After making it out of the car, the argument continued until the Uber Driver, Saeed, insisted he had to continue the ride. Once back at the boyfriend’s home, he says she attempted to assault him several more times, but he was able to block or dodge all of the attempts. The victim’s roommate eventually gathered her belongings for her while he told her to go outside, so he could take her to the airport. That is when she took a walk and ended up at a stranger’s house knocking at their door.

Haleigh Feri, 23, was booked into the Metro Nashville jail at 11:25 PM on March 6th, charged with domestic assault. She was released on March 7th at 1:52 PM, after posting a $1,000 cash bond. She is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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