A woman claims 2 black men robbed & stomped on her at gunpoint. Now she faces a felony for lying

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41-year-old Franciscus “Latrice” Smith told police she was robbed of her car at gunpoint at her home by two black males in a black Nissan Altima, wearing all black clothing, who pushed her to the ground and stomped on her back, with her being pregnant. In reality, her car was stolen at the Z Mart over three miles away, by a single person she never saw, after she left the keys in the ignition while she went inside the store. She is now charged with a felony for filing the false report that caused a short police chase to happen, and a juvenile to be charged with a carjacking that didn’t happen.

Metro Nashville Police responded to 318 Arrington Street on the evening of April 18th, after Franciscus “Latrice” Smith called police to report she was in front of her home at the same address, when two black males wearing all black clothing, approached in a black Nissan Altima, and while armed with guns pushed her to the ground, stomped on her back, and robbed her of her vehicle. Smith also told police she was pregnant, causing even more concern about the welfare of the child after an assault. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and took Latrice Smith to the hospital for her alleged assault and injuries.

Franciscus Latrice Smith (MNPD)
Franciscus Latrice Smith (MNPD)

Believing a carjacking had just occurred with two armed gunmen at large, an investigation quickly began and the stolen vehicle was tracked, and a police pursuit ensued as the driver attempted to evade police. The driver, a juvenile, was taken into custody, and after a thorough investigation, he admitted to stealing the car – however he was adamant the car was left running and unoccupied outside the Z Mart on Dickerson Pike, and he had been at his girlfriend’s house at the nearby Riverchase apartments just before taking the vehicle. Police then re-contacted the victim, who assured investigators she was at her home, three miles from the Z Mart, when the alleged carjacking/robbery occurred. The juvenile was also very clear that he was alone and unarmed during the car theft.

Investigators once again contacted Latrice Smith, and she eventually admitted she was never robbed, and that she had left her keys inside the vehicle while she went inside the Z Mart on Dickerson Road. She admitted she never saw any suspect, and there was no weapon – just that when she came out of the convenience store, her vehicle was gone.

Franciscus “Latrice” Smith was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on April 21st, charged with felony filing of a false report. She was freed on pre-trial release two hours after being booked. She is scheduled to appear in court in June.

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