VIDEO: 21-year-old spraypaints swastika on brother’s car; threatens to stab him with knife

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21-year-old Kevin Prusinowski is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism charges after police say he threatened to stab his juvenile brother with a large kitchen knife, then followed him outside to his car, which he then spray-painted a swastika on while the teen brother was inside the vehicle filming the encounter.

Metro Nashville Police Officer Micahel Sipos responded to a disturbance call on April 13th and arrived on Staffordshire Drive to make contact with the juvenile victim, who explained he and his 21-year-old brother had been in an argument earlier in the day when the bother, identified as Kevin Prusinowski, left riding a bicycle and had returned very upset and began to bang on the juvenile’s door and window, and destroyed mail that was addressed to the victim.

The two argued about the destroyed mail, which was from their sister, and and some point the 21-year-old obtained a large kitchen knife and held up up to his brother making threats to stab him. The younger brother escaped outside to sit inside his car, so he could not be injured by his brother. Kevin then followed him outside and spray-painted a swastika and the word ‘pussy’ across the car, while the brother filmed the incident from the inside (video below).

Officers made contact with the father of the brothers, who was the owner of the vehicle, and he stated it shouldn’t be considered vandalism since it could just be removed from the paint, however officers decided to prosecute on the father’s behalf, and charged the older brother with vandalism and felony assault.

Kevin Prusinowski (MNPD)
Kevin Prusinowski (MNPD)

Kevin P. Prusinowski, 21, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with vandalism and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bond for those two charges was set at $12,000. At this time of his arrest, Prusinowski was free on pre-trial release on multiple charges stemming from an incident on March 9th at Bar Louis on Sawyer Brown Road. During that event, patrons tackled and held him to the ground until police arrived. He was reportedly breaking glasses, yelling and screaming at patrons, and trying to fight them. He then spits on a nurse who was trying to explain the process of providing a urine sample to him.

Kevin Prusinowski (MNPD) – Bar Louis Arrest 03/09
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